Marcus Brown & Ghost Town

original country music with PNW ROOTS

Country/Americana music with a unique PNW perspective. Marcus Brown writes what he knows, bittersweet twangy story songs drawing on his small town Western Oregon roots that'll put a dance in your step, a smile on your face, or even a tear in your eye. He’s a prolific up-and-coming singer-songwriter, who’s consistently named on Nashville Songwriters Association’s exclusive list of "Ones To Watch" writers. Kevin Lee on drums, Sue Thurston on bass, and Danny Neal on electric guitar bring the songs and crowd to life with a blend of traditional country, new country, and alternative sounds. Crowd favorites include "Get Me the Hell Outta Hell," "Hangover," "Cheap Guitar," "Drive To You," and "Little Gas Stations." Influences include Waylon Jennings, Cody Jinks, Whitey Morgan, Hank Williams Sr., Hank Williams Jr., Bob Wills, Chris Janson, Paul Cauthen, Evan Dando. The band is based in Springfield, Oregon.

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I remember listening to your songs [live], and I was like, 'Oh so Marcus is a storyteller,' and I found your stories to be interesting, and I was like, 'This is stuff you can't make up,' and my mind kept going, it was like it opened up once I started listening to your lyrics. I could picture everything, and that's the deal, that's the art of songwriting, if you can make people feel what you feel and if you can take them to that place you were in.” - Jeri James

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